Deliver Fresh Fruits from Osakaya to your Doorstep

Since we started the fruits business, we have been working close with our fruit farmers on the development of fruits business under the catchphrase of “Deliver Fresh Fruit to your Doorstep”.

Thanks to our fruit farmers and deliver the “Delight” and “Exciting” to our customer

Since we started our fruits business in 1959, we appreciate to our fruit farmers who always cherish their fruit with all sincerity, and we are always in same position and act in the same way too. We fully share the happiness with those who work close together with us. And we definitely deliver the “Delight” and “Exciting” to the doorstep of our customer by our delicious fruits. We ordinarily cherish this spirit and gratitude and continuously to work on the development of our fruits business.

Delicious fruits bring abundance to your life

As the management philosophy of Osakaya, our aim is to make opportunities for everyone to easily taste a delicious and fresh fruits, and to be able to spend a healthy lifestyle by eating fruit. In addition, through the fruit, we would like to continue to be a company that brings the abundance and richness to the lives of all concerned people under the sound management with the environment changing of fruits business.