Why is the cultivated fruit of Northeastern Nagano Prefecture delicious?

A rich climate and soil

The climate of Nakano City are less precipitation, temperature difference between day and night, and the well-drained soil as the region that is best suited for various fruit cultivation in the alluvial fan and riverside terraces of Yomase River. And the grapes at this region also boasting the first production volume in Nagano prefecture.

Why do our fruits taste good?

When the sun is out in the warm daytime, fruit can accumulate a lot of nourishment. On the other hand, when the night becomes cold, the breath decreases and nourishment is not used. In addition, because it is necessary for fruit to accumulate sugar to prevent its moisture from freezing in a cold night, the fruit itself becomes sweet and delicious under the condition of this distinctive temperature difference.

Fresh fruit from Osakaya to your doorstep

The fruits of Osakaya are grown in a distinctive climate and topography with fruit producers’ whole heart, so we are able to deliver the delicious fruits that are not found in other regions to all over Japan and foreign countries. In addition, it is highly valued by overseas customers and the shipping volume to foreign countries is increasing recently.