Osakaya is responsible to directly deliver, the fruit cultivation techniques that has been inherited from generations of fruit farmer, and the Shinshu grown-up fresh and delicious fruits with sincerity to all over Japan and foreign countries as a gift for your bosom friend and an important one from Shinshu Nakano.

The orchard is located at the foot of the Shinshu Shiga Highland. The distinctive temperature difference of the day and night, and the fruit raised in the slopes at the foot of the mountain with good sun hit, and it becomes the secret to produce a mellow fruits, not only a refined sweetness but the fragrance with the balance of taste! Please relish our fresh fruits!
♪ The distinctive temperature difference of the day and night of Kita-Shinshu and the slopes with good sun hit cultivating the delicious fruit that to be delivered to all over Japan♪

Company Profile

Name Osakaya Corporation
Established March 13, 1959
Representative CEO Yoshio Takeuchi
Capital 10 million yen
Location 1623 Koshi, Nakano City, 383-0005 Nagano Japan
Major Banks 82 Bank, Nagano Shinkin Bank, Nagano Credit Union, JA Bank
Business Description Wholesale of fruits and vegetables, overseas export sales, fruits EC business. Diversification into fruits business by developing a fruits business and activities across the borders.

Company History

1927 Osakaya founded
March 1959 Osakaya Corporation established
1976 Started the wholesale and vegetable industry
March 2001 Shipment warehouse completed and operation started
July 2015 Started overseas export sales
June 2016 Construction of material storage place and work place started
July 2017 Completed 2 large refrigerators for fruit and vegetable preservation and operation started
March 2018 Established new corporate philosophy, new English name and logo mark of company

Large refrigerator to maintain the freshness of fruit (Refrigerator Room #1 and Room # 2)

Ceiling height
Total volume
Refrigerator (Room #1) 92.57 ㎡ (square meters) 5.0 m Over 350,000 ℓ
Refrigerator (Room #2) 92.57 ㎡ (square meters) 5.0 m Over 350,000 ℓ

Building with working place for fruits sorting and packing

Ceiling height
Remarks column
Work place 90.78 ㎡ (square meters) 4.7 m Used as a site for fruits sorting and packing
Material Storage 94.76 ㎡ (square meters) 4.7 m Used as storage for packing materials

Shipping Warehouse