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We deliver the “Delight” and “Exciting” to you by Fresh Fruits from Osakaya Nagano!

Since our establishment in 1951, as our mission, Osakaya become one with local fruit producers to ensure our customer could consume the safe and secure fresh fruits deliciously, we try our best to deliver it to consumers as soon as possible.

High quality fruits grown in the peculiar climate of North Shinshu and rich soil, which has a large temperature difference between day and night. And it has been highly evaluated both from home and abroad. We will continue to challenge new fruit business and its possibilities while responding to diversification of lifestyle and change of eating habits.

Features of Osakaya

大坂屋 Osakaya
Our strength & potential
大坂屋 Osakaya
Rich climate and soil
大坂屋 Osakaya
Efforts of Osaka

Main and Popular Fruits of Osakaya

大坂屋 Osakaya
大坂屋 Osakaya
Shine Muscat
大坂屋 Osakaya
Kawanakajima Hakutou
大坂屋 Osakaya
Queen Nina
大坂屋 Osakaya
Sun Fuji Apples
大坂屋 Osakaya
Kyoho Grapes